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Rust applications

You can install Rust applications in the Alnoda workspaces using Cargo, the Rust package manager. But before Rust should be installed.


Rust and cargo are not installed in aloda workspaces by default. To install Rust ad Cargo in any Alnoda workspace run wrk install rust

Crate registry

After you installed Rust in your workspace you can install any application from the Crate registry. For example install halp - a CLI tool to get help with CLI tools:

$ cargo install halp 
<font color="#93DA41">Installing</font> /home/abc/.cargo/bin/halp
  <font color="#93DA41">Installing</font> /home/abc/.cargo/bin/halp-completions
  <font color="#93DA41">Installing</font> /home/abc/.cargo/bin/halp-mangen
  <font color="#93DA41">Installing</font> /home/abc/.cargo/bin/halp-test
   <font color="#93DA41">Installed</font> package `halp v0.1.7` (executables `halp`, `halp-completions`, `halp-mangen`, `halp-test`)

Now when halp is globally installed let's utilize it to get info about cargo command

<font color="#5EA702">halp</font> plz cargo

From source

With cargo we can build and install rust applications from source. Let's install ripgrep, a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches your current directory for a regex pattern.

Clone Git repository and navigate into it:

<font color="#5EA702">git</font> clone
<font color="#5EA702">cd</font> ripgrep

Compile the program and install it using cargo:

<font color="#5EA702">cargo</font> build --release

This command will create an optimized executable in the target/release directory. You can then move it into a directory that's in the workspace's PATH. For example:

<font color="#5EA702">mv</font> target/release/rg /home/abc/bin/

Ripgrep is globally installed, and you can use it with rg command:

<font color="#5EA702">rg</font> -help

Alnoda Hub

If you are planning to register Rust application in the Alnoda Hub, you need to start installation script with the command that installs Rust and set environmental variables:

wrk install rust
export PATH="$PATH:/home/abc/.cargo/bin/"