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Install Desktop

Do you want to get even more desktop experience? Install browser-based desktop from Alnoda Hub!

Web desktop

KodExplorer is windows-style desktop environment with file manager and code editor.

$ wrk install kodexplorer

✨ starting...
⚠️ Please DO NOT close this terminal window untill app is fully installed!
➡️ checking workspace compatibility...
➡️ checking app compatibility...
➡️ assigning port...
➡️ executing installation script...
✔️ app installed
➡️ setting startup configuration...
- ⚠️ application will start after workspace is restarted ⚠️  -
---       restart workspace with    'wrk kill'             ---
➡️ updating workspace UI...
➡️ adding workspace tags...
❗ Could not update workspace app history at Not authenticated at
✍️ If app is not working try restarting terminal window or entire workspace
🚀 done
R E S T A R T    T E R M I N A L    N O W   (CTRL+D) !!!!!!!!


After installation of applications it is necessary to restart workspace!

Restart workspace with the command wrk kill

$ wrk kill   

⚠️ WARNING: this will stop the workspace.
Do you want to continue[y/N]: 

After worksapce is restarted you can open KodExplorer from the workspace home page.


Linux desktop environment

Do you want to install a complete Linux desktop in your workspace, that you can use via browser? You can select one of desktop environments from the Alnoda hub and install it in the workspace with a single command!


In the Alnoda hub you will find

  • XFCE: Lightweight and fast, ideal for lower-end hardware or users who prefer a simple, efficient desktop without sacrificing functionality.

  • LXDE/LXQt: Extremely lightweight and resource-efficient, perfect for very old hardware or minimalistic setups.

  • MATE: A continuation of GNOME 2, providing a classic desktop experience with simplicity and ease of use.

For example in order to install LXDE desktop in the Alnoda workspace, open workspace terminal and execute

$ wrk install lxde-desktop


Installation of Linux desktop might take some time. Wait untill the process is finished.

💡 Explore Alnoda Hub to find many more awesome applications to install