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Alnoda workspaces are Docker images, enabling you to perform all the typical Docker image operations such as building, committing, pushing, and pulling. You can also build new workspaces from existing ones, enhancing their functionality.

Base image

Alnoda workspace acts as a base image for other Alnoda workspaces. It contains essential components such as workspace UI, terminal, file browser, wrk CLI tool, and Alnoda admin. New workspaces can be built directly from the base image, or from other Alnoda workspaces that derive from it.

Why building workspaces

There are several reasons:

  • Preserve valuable workspaces by creating new images as backups.
  • Establish a foundation image for all your projects, encompassing secrets, environmental variables, and GitHub credentials.
  • Construct team workspaces with a wide array of tools and configurations.

Commit to image

The easiest method to generate a new workspace image is by committing a running or stopped workspace into a fresh image. This image will encapsulate all the installed applications and packages, user configurations, as well as cloned repositories and uploaded artifacts.

For example, if your workspace called my-workspace you can create new workspace image with a sinngle command:

docker commit my-workspace my-new-workspace:2023-05-01 

Of course, instead of my-new-workspace:2023-05-01 you can use any name and tag.