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Increase productivity

No matter if you are a software developer, data analyst or site reliability engineer, Alnoda workspaces can make your work more efficient. Check out how you can become more productive with Alnoda workspaces.

Kickstart projects faster

Setting up a new development environment for a project can become easier. Explore Alnoda workspaces, where you may discover a valuable workspace image that can accelerate your project's initial stages.

Build a foundational workspace encompassing repositories, configurations, and other reusable components utilized across multiple projects. Initiate new projects by cloning this foundational workspace, kickstarting your projects faster. Create your personal repository of foundational project workspaces and share with others.

Isolate projects

Each project may require a different set of tools, libraries, or even coding languages. Every Alnoda workspace container runs in isolation, meaning changes made in one container do not affect other containers. You can install different versions of programming languages, packages and libraries without the risk of affecting other projects. Store configurations, secrets, files, datasets and other artifacts together.

Quick context switching

Switching between different projects becomes faster and easier with the Alnoda workspaces. Without the workspace we often need to make several steps such as switching to another Git branch, activating a virtual environment, setting environmental variables. Sometimes even more actions are required, for example changing AWS profile, switching to another kubectl context, altering terraform workspace, etc. Failing to execute even a single step can result in irrevocable damage and a time-consuming recovery process.

Alnoda workspace can be configured to suit a particular project, encompassing aspects such as the cloud profile, terraform workspace, code repositories, kubeconfig files, environmental variables and everything else. All of these components are set into motion the moment you launch the workspace, eliminating the need for numerous individual actions.

Backup projects

Do you have a fully functional proof-of-concept (POC) for a web application or service, scripts for provisioning cloud infrastructure, or setting up a Kubernetes cluster? Perhaps you have research or simulations that produce tangible results? Or a machine learning model with impressive predictive performance? If so, now is the ideal moment to secure your entire project, encompassing all configuration files, artifacts, environmental variables, bootstrap scripts, and Markdown or LaTeX documents.

Preserve and back up your entire workspace. This will allow you to continue developing software, run new simulations with varied parameters, and train machine learning models on new datasets - all while mitigating the risk of losing your achieved milestones without the ability to replicate them.

Move between computers and servers

Do you find yourself coding at the office and wish to proceed with your work over the weekend at home, without having to carry your work laptop? That's not an issue. All you need to do is pause the workspace on your work laptop, and resume it once you're at home. Alnoda will handle the task of synchronizing the workspace across different computers.

Are simulations on your laptop or training of machine learning model taking longer than expected? That's no cause for concern. You can simply halt the workspace on your laptop and start it on a beefy cloud server with a GPU. Conduct your experiments, train your machine learning model, and then continue working on your laptop. And this moves can be achieved with just a few click of Alnoda desktop apps. This eliminates the need to provision a cloud server and going through the cumbersome process of installing dependencies and packages.


Another notable feature of Alnoda workspaces - is the ability to conduct isolated experiments. Each project can have its own dedicated container, allowing developers to experiment with different libraries, frameworks, and configurations without affecting their main development environment. This enables rapid prototyping, iterative development, and easy rollback to previous states, providing a flexible and risk-free environment for innovation.

From dev to POC

Do you have a proof-of-concept (POC) for a web app or API service that you're eager to showcase to clients, coworkers, or even friends? You can easily save your entire workspace and transfer it to a cloud server using a few clicks within the Alnoda desktop app. This process allows you to host your web application online without having to construct a distinct Docker image solely for the POC demonstration.


With the ability to isolate projects, backup work, conduct isolated experiments, work on any computer, Alnoda workspaces empowers you to focus on what you do best: building exceptional software and driving technological advancements. Get ready to unleash your productivity and creativity with our containerized workspaces!