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In this example we will istall DevSpace - an open-source developer tool for Kubernetes that lets developers build, test, and debug applications directly inside Kubernetes. It essentially aims to automate the deployment process of applications in a Kubernetes environment.


DevSpace can be installed in any workspace. We will use Alnoda workspace v.1.1 in this example.

Install devspace plugin :

<font color="#5EA702">asdf</font> plugin-add devspace

Show all installable versions:

<font color="#5EA702">asdf</font> list-all devspace

Install specific version:

<font color="#5EA702">asdf</font> install devspace latest

Set the latest devspace version globally:

<font color="#5EA702">asdf</font> global devspace latest

Now devspace commands are available:

$ devspace --version

devspace version 6.3.2