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Install Go applications

You can install Go(lang) applications from the source code with the command go install. With go being a tool for managing Go source code, go install command is used to compile and install packages and dependencies.

To install Go applications you'll need to make sure you have Go installed in the workspace. You can do this by running go version in your terminal. If Go is installed, it will return the version, if not, you'll need to install Go first.


Go is not installed by default in Alnoda workspaces. You can install Go in awny Alnoda with the command wrk install go

The first thing to do is to install Go in the workspace:

<font color="#5EA702">wrk</font> istall go 


After installing Go please reload terminal

Now you can install any go application with the command go install. Let's install hey - HTTP load generator:

$ go install

go: downloading v0.1.4
go: downloading v0.0.0-20181017193950-04a2e542c03f
go: downloading v0.3.0

You can now use hey to send some load to a web application. For example, if you want to send 1000 requests to http://localhost:8080, you can do so as follows:

<font color="#5EA702">hey</font> -n 1000 http://localhost:8080

Alnoda Hub

If you are planning to register Go application in the Alnoda Hub, you need to start installation script with the command that installs Go and set environmental variables:

wrk install go
export PATH="$PATH:/home/abc/go/bin"