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Alnoda advantages

Every solution for containerized development environments has its own set of pros and cons. However, Alnoda workspaces stand out with their distinctive features that effectively tackle most of the limitations found in existing solutions.


Alnoda workspaces have unique features and offer many advantages over other containerized development options.

Ease of use

With Alnoda workspaces, you are abstracted from the intricacies and complexities of Docker. Setting up a sophisticated workspace with many running applications, packages and processes does not require in-depth knowledge of Docker.

"The Alnoda Hub offers a wide range of applications that can be easily installed with just one command! This ever-expanding collection of apps is continuously growing."


The base Alnoda workspace is not restricted to a specific project but offer extensive flexibility and extensibility. You can customize and shape Alnoda workspace according to your specific requirements. This versatility allows to create a workspace that optimally supports your unique development needs without any limitations.

We develop and maintain a collection of workspaces crafted for the specific tasks. This gives an opportunity to get started faster, and provide examples how to easily develop specific workspaces.

Batteries included

Alnoda workspaces are based on Ubuntu, and have a set of common apps installed, includinng Git, ZSH, CLI text editors, network utilities, Nix package manager, Python 3 and cron. All Alnoda workspaces also include browser-based terminal and file manager.

Workspace UI

All Alnoda workspaces have browser-based UI, where you can see what apps are installed, what are the runing processes, explore workspace image legacy, see project name and description.

Workspace admin

Each Alnoda workspace includes an administrative interface that allows to customize the appearance of the workspace UI, modify project details such as name and description, adjust colors, fonts, and icons, initiate new processes, configure terminal environmental variables and aliases, and login to the Alnoda Hub. Moreover, through the workspace admin, you can grant internet-based access to your colleagues, regardless of whether the workspace is hosted on your personal computer.

Runtime extandability

You can install more applications in the Alnoda workspace even at runtime! You won't need to rebuild the workspace image from scratch.


Alnoda workspaces have a unique feature that allow to install new applications and start more services even at runtime!

Truly portabile

One of the key advantages of Alnoda workspaces is true portability. You can move workspaces from one computer to anoter, from PC to a cloud server or Kubernetes cluster.
You can save workspaces on S3, in Docker registry, Google Drive and utilize them on any computer, eliminating the hassle of setting up complex development environments repeatedly. Whether you are working on a personal machine, a shared workstation, or a cloud server, your containerized workspace remains consistent, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

Alnoda workspaces are self-contained environments, encompassing all the necessary tools, applications, and packages you require. This makes it highly portable and eliminates the need to configure integrations with IDEs or terminals. You only need Docker to run a workspace, and only browser to use it.

All applications in Alnoda workspaces are browser-based. No matter where you have deployed your workspace - you only need a web browser to work with it. This flexibility allows for seamless work across different devices and locations, making it ideal for remote work, collaboration, and on-the-go development.

Easily shareable

Alnoda workspaces strive to enhance collaboration by simplifying the sharing process. Whether you need to share a file, code collaboratively, grant your colleague access to your workspace's terminal or file browser, Alnoda workspaces make it effortless. Even if you are using a local setup on your laptop, you can easily share any workspace with anyone worldwide over the Internet!

You can share any workspace application, give access to any WEB UI, developed app or API with a single click. Fully browser-based workspaces facilitate seamless collaboration and sharing among team members.


Alnoda workspaces have a unique feature that allows you to share your workspace online with your teammates even when running workspace on your own laptop!

Deployment flexibility

Alnoda workspaces support a variety of deployment options to cater to different needs. You can use these containerized workspaces locally, self-host them on your infrastructure, deploy inn cloud or leverage the scalability and orchestration capabilities of Kubernetes. This flexibility ensures that our solution adapts to your unique requirements, whether you are an individual developer or a large-scale enterprise.

Manage workspace

The Alnoda desktop application simplifies workspace management, allowing for easy initiation, termination, saving, and synchronization of workspaces with just a click. With the Alnoda desktop app, launching multiple workspaces on the same PC, transferring workspaces between laptops, and deploying or migrating workspaces to your cloud server becomes effortless.


You can use Alnoda workspaces without desktop app. Any Alnoda workspace is just a docker images that you can start with a simple docker run command


Alnoda desktop app is in active development and not available for public use yet.