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Install Code Editor

Install Code Editor

Adding a code editor to any Alnoda workspace is a very easy. Alnoda Hub offers a vast collection of browser-based code editors, including versatile IDEs like VSCode, as well as specialized IDEs like RStudio.


Explore Alnoda Hub to find your favourite code editor.

Let's add one of the VSCode versions. You only need to execute wrk install openvscode in the workspace terminal

$ wrk install openvscode 

✨ starting...
⚠️ Please DO NOT close this terminal window untill app is fully installed!
➡️ checking workspace compatibility...
➡️ checking app compatibility...
➡️ assigning port...
➡️ executing installation script...
✔️ app installed
➡️ setting startup configuration...
- ⚠️ application will start after workspace is restarted ⚠️  -
---       restart workspace with    'wrk kill'             ---
➡️ updating workspace UI...
➡️ adding workspace tags...
❗ Could not update workspace app history at Not authenticated at
✍️ If app is not working try restarting terminal window or entire workspace
🚀 done
R E S T A R T    T E R M I N A L    N O W   (CTRL+D) !!!!!!!!


After installation of applications it is necessary to restart workspace!

Restart workspace with the command wrk kill

$ wrk kill   

⚠️ WARNING: this will stop the workspace.
Do you want to continue[y/N]: 

After worksapce is restarted you can open IDE from the workspace home page.


Explore Alnoda Hub to find many more awesome applications to install