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Every workspace in isolated docker container, which can be duplicated, backed up shared.


Workspaces can be moved between computers or servers, sent to colleagues or clients.


Access workspace in browser, no mater if it is running locally, on remote server or in kubernetes cluster.

        FROM alnoda/alnoda-workspace:latest

        RUN wrk install openvscode
        RUN wrk install kodexplorer
        RUN wrk install cloud-commander
        RUN wrk install zellij-ui
        RUN wrk install mate-desktop
        RUN wrk install jupyterlab
        RUN wrk install r
        RUN wrk install rstudio
        RUN wrk install excalidraw
        RUN wrk install vvvebjs

        # There are hundreds more apps in Alnoda Hub!


Customize workspaces for individual projects, selecting the desired apps for each.


Install code editors, notebooks, desktop apps, CLI tools, and more!

Easy install

Install apps effortlessly with a single command. Want JupyterLab? Simply run wrk install jupyterlab


Alnoda Hub has hundreeds of applications. And it is ever growing.

Increase productivity

Reduce the time it takes to start the project and deliver first results. Switch between projects seamlessly.

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Various deployment options

Alnoda workspaces offer various deployment choices, allowing for portability and effortless migration across different environments.


Use workspaces locally and benefit from project isolation, the ability to create backups, and the ease of sharing with others.


Launch workspace in the cloud and enjoy the flexibility of working from any device, regardless of your location anywhere in the world.


Deploy workspaces in kubernetes to create a powerful in-house cloud development plafrorm.

Improve collaboration

Designed to cater to the era of remote work, decentralized teams, and digital nomads.

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