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Ubuntu workspace

Containerized Linux terminal environment. Essentially Ubuntu 20.04 docker image extended with typical console apps, such as Git, file browsers and system monitors.

Workspace collage

Why this image

If you need to isolate some work without polluting main environment.


docker run --name space-1 -d alnoda/ubuntu-workspace

Enter workspace

docker exec -it --user=root space-1 /bin/zsh


  • Ubuntu 20.4 with the following CLI apps
    • Zsh, Oh my Zsh
    • Python 3, Pip
    • Node/nodeenv
    • curl, wget, telnet, jq
    • Git: git, git-flow, lazygit
    • File browsers: mc, xplr
    • Text editors: nano, vim, mcedit
    • System monitors: ncdu, htop, glances, vizex
    • Process Control: supervisord
    • Job scheduler: cron
Demo: Ubuntu-workspace