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This basic tutorial shows how to create Scala Hello-world application, build and run project with Sbt. As well as manage Scala dependencies and versions with Coursier.


To check scala version, execute in terminal

scala -version

To open scala REPL simply execute


Workspace collage

Hello world

Use Code editor to create folder helloworld with file Hello.scala in it. The file should have the following content

object Hello {
    def main(args: Array[String]) = {
        println("Hello, world")

Open terminal, go into this folder and execute

scala Hello.scala 

Hello world with sbt

cd to the projects directory, and create new project with Sbt

cd /home/project
sbt new scala/scala3.g8

Upon prompt type any project name, i.e. "hello-world". Sbt will generate progje boilerplate with the required folder structure.

Enter the project folder, compile and run the app

sbt run 


Coursier is the Scala application and artifact manager. It can install Scala applications and setup your Scala development environment. It can also download and cache artifacts from the web.

Coursier provides a number of services: - manage the installed Scala applications: install, list, update, uninstall, search - configure channels to install Scala applications from: channel - launchers for Scala applications: launch, bootstrap - manage the installed JVMs: java, java-home - directly manipulate Maven dependencies: fetch, resolve - perform setup again

List all applications, installed by Coursier

cs list

The install command installs Scala applications, i.e.

cs install scalafmt

If you want to launch another scala version

cs launch scala:2.12.15