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This basic tutorial shows how to create Rust Hello-world application, manage multiple versions of Rust with Rustup and install dependencies with Cargo.

Hello world

Check Rust version

rustc --version

Create new project folder

cargo new my_example
cd my_example

The new project is created together, with hello-world app in src sub-folder

cat src/

Compile it

cargo build

And then run it


We can also compile and then run it, all in one step

cargo run


Rustup - is a toolchain is a specific version of the collection of programs needed to compile a Rust application. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • The compiler, rustc
  • The dependency manager and build tool, cargo
  • The documentation generator, rustdoc

Rustup provides ways to install, remove, update, select and otherwise manage these toolchains and their associated pieces.

Install specific version of Rust toolchain

rustup install 1.30.0

Show toolchains

rustup show

Change default toolchain

rustup default 1.30.0

Project with dependencies

Cargo is Rust package manager. It is a tool that allows Rust packages to declare their various dependencies and ensure that you’ll always get a repeatable build.

Clone example repo

git clone
cd rust-http-server

Build and start the server

cd example
cargo run --package http-server --bin http-server

You will see that before cargo builds the package, it installs all the dependencies from the file Cargo.toml.

Workspace collage

Open localhost:8040/hello.html