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Kafka workspace

Containerized environment to interact, manage and administer Kafka cluster.


Why this images

  1. If you need a tool to interact with Kakfa, such as produce and consume events, explore, manage, query and troubleshoot your Kafka clusters

  2. To directly access Kafka inside your kubernetes cluster.

  3. A better Kafka docker image for local dev environment. You get single-nnode Kafka together with the toolset to work with it.

  4. If you want to get started with Kafka easy and fast. Motivation explained in this Medium article


docker run --name rwid-1 -d -p 8020-8040:8020-8040 alnoda/kafka-workspace

and open localhost:8020 in browser.


Single-node Kafka cluster

Kafka CLI tools

  • kcat - generic non-JVM producer and consumer for Apache Kafka.
  • kafkactl - command-line interface for interaction with Apache Kafka.
  • trubka - Kafka CLI tool built in Go which gives you everything you need.
  • kt - Kafka tool that likes JSON.
  • kcli - Kafka read only command line browser.


  • Eclipse Theia - open source version of popular Visual Studio Code IDE. Theia is trully open-source, has VS-Code extensions and works in browser. This means it can run inside a docker container on local machine or in cloud. A lot of beautiful color themes and many common plugins are already installed to save time.
  • Terminal - secure browser-based terminal.
  • FileBrowser - manage files and folders inside the workspace, and exchange data between local environment and the workspace
  • Cronicle - task scheduler and runner, with a web based front-end UI. It handles both scheduled, repeating and on-demand jobs, targeting any number of worker servers, with real-time stats and live log viewer.
  • Static File Server - view any static html sites as easy as if you do it on your local machine. Serve static websites easily.
  • Ungit - rings user friendliness to git without sacrificing the versatility of it.
  • MkDocs - create awesome documentation for your project with only markdown.
  • Midnight Commander - Feature rich visual file manager with internal text viewer and editor.
  • Process Monitor - Monitor running process and resource utilization.
  • Quicklaunch UI with getting started tutorial
  • Ubuntu 20.4 with the following CLI apps
    • Zsh, Oh my Zsh
    • Python 3, Pip
    • Node/nodeenv
    • curl, wget, telnet, jq
    • Git: git, git-flow
    • File browsers: mc
    • Text editors: nano, vim, mcedit
    • System monitors: ncdu, htop, glances, vizex
    • Process Control: supervisord
    • Job scheduler: cron
    • Terminal multiplexer: tmux