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Common features

Every workspace has browser-based VS-Code version, full-screen terminal, file manager, and task scheduler. You can code, upload and dowload files and schedule periodic executios of scripts and jobs.


From the quickstart page you can open workspace apps, such as code editor or terminal

Demo: Quickstart page

Quicstart page

Code Editor

Code editor is a browser-based open-source Visual Studio Code. It is fast, responsive, and full-featured. It features code highlighting, autocompletion, a great number of pre-installed color themes. You can install any extension from that has hundreeds of extensions for VS Code compatible editors.



Workspace has full-size browser-base terminal


File Browser

File browser helps to manage files and folders within the workspace, as well as upload and download files and folders to and from workspace.



Cronicle can execute on schedule scripts, jobs and tasks. It has nice UI to monitor executions and failures