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This is a basic tutorial showing how to work with Erlang and Elixir in the workspace.



The Erlang shell is used for testing of expressions. Start the Erlang shell from a command prompt with the command erl

having started shell, evaluate the following expressions

2 + 5.
(42 + 77) * 66 / 3.

Str = "abcd".
L = length(Str).

Hello world

Go to the Quickstart page, open VS-Code and create file hello.erl with the following code


hello_world() ->
  io:format("Hello, World!~n", []).

Now open Terminal, start Erlang shell with erl and execute




iex is a command which stands for Interactive Elixir.

Openn terminal, start interactive Elixir shell with iex and evaluate

40 + 8
"hello" <> " world"


Open IDE and create file hello.exs with the following code

IO.puts("Hello world from Elixir")

In terminal execute

elixir hello.exs

Manage Elixir versions with Kiex

Kiex allows you to easily build and switch between different Elixir versions.

List installed versions

kiex list

List known releases

kiex list releases

Install a known release

kiex install 1.13.0

Use specific elixir version

kiex use 1.13.0