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Erlang-elixir workspace

Containerized isolated development environment for Erlang and Elixir programming languages.

Why this images

  1. If you need self-hosted remote development environment.
  2. If you want to be one command away from coding in Erlang, Elixir.


docker run --name space-1 -d -p 8020-8040:8020-8040 alnoda/erlang-elixir-workspace

and open localhost:8020 in browser.


  • Erlang/OTP
  • Elixir
  • Kerl - easy building and installing of Erlang/OTP instances.
  • Kiex - allows you to easily build and switch between different Elixir versions.

Dev tools:

  • Eclipse Theia - open source version of popular Visual Studio Code IDE. Theia is trully open-source, has VS-Code extensions and works in browser. This means it can run inside a docker container on local machine or in cloud. A lot of beautiful color themes and many common plugins are already installed to save time.
  • Terminal - secure browser-based terminal.
  • FileBrowser - manage files and folders inside the workspace, and exchange data between local environment and the workspace
  • Ungit - rings user friendliness to git without sacrificing the versatility of it.
  • Ubuntu 20.4 with the following CLI apps
    • Zsh, Oh my Zsh
    • Python 3, Pip
    • Node/nodeenv
    • curl, wget, telnet, jq
    • Git: git, git-flow, lazygit
    • File browsers: mc
    • Text editors: nano, vim, mcedit
    • System monitors: ncdu, htop, glances, vizex
    • Process Control: supervisord
    • Job scheduler: cron
    • Terminal multiplexer: tmux